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OrangeR Dev

Fully passionate in developing with Wordpress.Both theme and plugin

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// Oranger Dev Wordpress Framework

OrangeR Dev framework built by our experiences in developing wordpress. By integrating with our framework, plugin and theme will have support like custom field, plugin/theme options, custom layout etc. Here are our supports :

Our framework supports to expand input in metabox for post, page or custom post type and more input fields for category, taxonomy or user info.

We provide more site options. Like changing font color, logo image, get category etc. So you don’t need to touch any script.

Internet isn’t just on your computer screen anymore. It’s also on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and god knows what else in the next few years. So we provide responsive support for the design. When you visit our themes that have responsive-support, the design will morph to ideally match the size and shape of the screen you’re viewing it on.

We have fully support in providing basic dynamic element like slider, lightbox or accordion. With HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery javascript framework, we can meet any dynamic requirement.

You can see further information in support page

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